Apple Cider Whiskey Smash | Baked by Rachel

An easy and flavorful Fall cocktail perfect for all apple cider fans!


I love Fall and almost all it has to offer but come this time of year…oak trees are a giant nuisance. We have several lining our driveway which basically means it’s now littered with acorns. I’m not talking about a few here or there. That wouldn’t be so bad. And it’s really only just starting. We have a long way to go before the trees are bare, in preparation for winter.

The only comical part about it is listening to them fall through the branches and slam into the ground. I wonder if it’s a sign of things to come as well, especially since they’re food for many animals. Let’s hope that’s not the case…

In other news… I went to Bath and Body Works the other day in hopes of finding a fun new fragrance. The typical perfumes and sprays at other stores are so strong or floral scented… not really my thing. But, I still found myself totally overwhelmed by all of the options and scents available. Normally I just go in for soap or candles. A fragrance for yourself is a whole other ballgame. And to make matters worse, it seems like when you initially spray something, it doesn’t smell nearly as good as it does minutes later. I finally chose a fun vanilla scent but I was *this* close to getting something a bit more tropical. I guess I’ll hold off on that option till summer. AKA a lifetime away now.


I know we recently discussed how I’m not a beer drinker and that I’ve always been a fruity drinker. I’ve also never been one to drink straight liquor. I don’t see any of those things changing anytime soon. But, I also never expected to be a whiskey drinker…until my trip to Vermont last spring where I was introduced to a fun and fruity cocktail featuring whiskey. I was sold!

This apple cider whiskey smash is the perfect Fall drink (and my new personal favorite), especially if you love apple cider! It’s a must try!

A taste of Fall in a glass! Sweet local apple cider, paired with rye whiskey and a hint of lemon.

Dangerously tasty!