Gruyère and White Cheddar Mac and Cheese - Olivia's Cuisine


Tim and I are finally thinking of making the big jump from renting to buying. Rent prices in NYC are absurd and every time I see that money coming out of our account I cry a little…

So, after talking to my wonderful mother in law (who happens to be a financial guru) we realized that we would be spending less money if we bought a place outside of the island. But nobody tells you how hard this is! We are only at the beginning of this journey (that will for sure take at least 6 months) and I’m already stressed and exhausted! Prices are absurd for little tiny apartments (and I’m talking outside of New York City), dogs are not always allowed, they all seem to want 20% down payment (we have maybe 15…), etc! It’s just a train wreck! But, fingers crossed we will find a lovely home where we can be happily ever after… Or maybe happy for at least 5 years cause later I’ll eventually want a big house with a kitchen island, a fireplace, bay windows and a red door! :P

So all this venting to get to the point that I was in some serious need of some comfort food! And the chosen medicine for my soul problems was a bowl of hot and extremely cheesy Gruyère and White Cheddar Mac and Cheese!