Mills Chicken (Fajita/Mexican)


  • olive oil (1/2 cup - 2 cup)
  • chili powder
  • lime juice (2tbs)
  • honey (2 tbs)
  • paprika (1 tbs)
  • some garlic

Season before grilling/baking (pat chicken down a bit so it’s not soaked):

  • sprinkle salt or garlic salt
    • if no garlic salt -> do normal salt then a little bit of garlic powder on each breast
  • tons of cumin
  • a little chili powder
  • tons of paprika (the chicken should be coated in red paprika)
  • a little bit of sugar


  • oil down grill grates or use spray on them
  • start grill and get it hot (400-450)
  • throw on chicken -> shut grill -> do not touch for 5 mins (until you see it start cook “white”)
  • flip (should see a char marks on bottom and notice it’s starting to cook)
  • keep going for 4-5 more mins
  • use meat thermometer until they get to 160
  • have a pan with foil ready -> start putting them in there and cover for 10 mins before cutting


  • pre-heat oven to 425
  • cook for 10-20 mins -> use meat thermometer to check until it’s 160-165
  • tent with foil and rest for 10 mins


  • recommend cutting into strips if you go this route
  • get the hottest pan you can find (cast-iron preferably)
  • get cast-iron hot as shit
  • each side for 4 mins or so depending on heat
  • check pieces with thermometer, same deal -> tent and foil after 160